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Privacy Policy

How we use your data

In an effort to protect our clients' and site visitors privacy and rights, we have established a Privacy Policy which explains what information we gather on visitors and what we do with information that we gather. This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which we collect, use, maintain and disclose information collected from users of this Web site (each, a "User").

This Policy applies to you and your Covered Users with respect to the Services. You shall be responsible for (i) informing your other Covered Users, if any, of the existence of this Policy, as well as any amendments, updates, or modifications made to this Policy and (ii) agreeing to this Policy, as amended, updated or modified from time to time, on behalf of all Covered Users.

Collected Data

Enwebhost considers any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify you to be “Personal Data,” including without limitation, Personal Data that is accessed, collected, maintained, transmitted, and/or used by Enwebhost in the normal course of our business, and is subject to the provisions of this Policy, Terms of Service, and applicable law. Please note, in the absence of any notice to the contrary, you expressly grant Enwebhost permission to share your Personal Data at Enwebhost’s discretion. Enwebhost uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience and interactions with the Services. These tools can be stored locally, and are used by Enwebhost and our Representatives for operationally necessary purposes, as well as functional, performance, analytical, and marketing reasons. Enwebhost also uses third party tools, such as Google Analytics, to enhance our provision of the Services.

Purposes of Collected Data

For Customers: Enwebhost may use Personal Data to process your service requests, handle orders, deliver products and services, process payments, communicate with you about orders, provide access to secure areas of Enwebhost's website, and to enable Enwebhost to review, develop, and continually improve the products, services, and offers that it provides. Enwebhost also uses this information to prevent or detect fraud or abuses of Enwebhost's website and to enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical, or other functions on its behalf.

For Visitors: Enwebhost may use Personal Data to send information about Enwebhost to visitors and to contact such visitors. Enwebhost also uses the information that it collects to improve the content of our website, enhance user experiences, and as training aids for our employees. Visitors have discretion as to whether to grant information to Enwebhost, and may opt-out from such processes as outlined above.

For Payment Information: Enwebhost may ask Account holders to enter credit card or account information in order to process orders for Services. Financial information provided via our website is transferred to a Enwebhost Third Party Service Provider for payment processing. This information may be encrypted and stored for logging purposes by Enwebhost and our Enwebhost Third Party Service Provider for payment processing. Credit card numbers are used by Enwebhost Third Party Service Provider only for processing payments and are not used for any other purposes. Enwebhost has entered into written agreements with our Third Party Service Providers, and it will continue to enter into written agreements with third parties that provide payment processing services.

For Use Information: Enwebhost uses website use information to measure interest in and develop its web pages and marketing plans, customize the content you view on your web visits based on your activity during past visits, and administer Enwebhost's website. In addition, Enwebhost uses: * IP addresses to help diagnose problems with its servers, and to administer its website; * cookies and other tools to help it recognize users as unique when they return to Enwebhost's website. Enwebhost also uses cookies to tailor content or advertisements to match your preferred interest; avoid showing Visitors the same advertisements repeatedly; compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow Enwebhost to understand how users use its site and to help it improve the structure of its website; and * web beacons to count the number of times that its advertisements and web-based email content are viewed. Enwebhost combines web beacon information with cookies to track activity on its website originating from advertisements and web-based email content.

For Support Information: Enwebhost uses information that you provide to it via telephone calls, chat, email, web forms, and other communications to correspond with you about services you may be interested in purchasing. If you elect to purchase a service online using a web form, Enwebhost will use the information to establish your account. Information you submit in writing, such as chat, email, and web form information is archived and may be tied to information that Enwebhost collects about your web visits. Your telephone calls may be recorded for training and operational purposes and Enwebhost may enter information you provide via telephone into its systems to use for the purposes described in this paragraph.

Access to Personal Data

You control access to Personal Data maintained or stored by you via Enwebhost's web-based interface for account management. You may update your information at any time. You may cancel your account at any time and may request that your personal information be deleted from Enwebhost's databases, with the exception of: network access logs, which may be stored for any duration of time at Enwebhost's discretion; cases where financially fraudulent or otherwise illegal activity is deemed to have occurred (as determined by Enwebhost management or law enforcement officials), in which case personal information may be retained indefinitely for purposes of ongoing investigation and prevention of fraud recurrence; or cases where a violation of the Terms of Service has resulted in cancellation of your account (as defined by revocation of your permission to utilize Enwebhost's services), in which case personal information may be retained indefinitely for purposes of prevention of further use of Enwebhost's services in the future by the offending individual. Upon request, Enwebhost will grant you reasonable access to Personal Data maintained by Enwebhost about you. In addition, we will take reasonable steps to correct, amend, or delete information that is demonstrated by you to be inaccurate, incomplete, or processed in violation of applicable law. Unless required by law, Enwebhost will not permit you to access the Personal Data of any Data Subject other than yourself.